I'm Tim Pope and welcome to my shooting blog. This site will eventually be devoted to my iOS application which I'm developing but until then I'll use this as a place to blog about interesting things I've learnt shooting or while developing the application

I started shooting F-Class a couple of years ago and enjoy the challenge, I also enjoy the science behind shooting and being a software developer I wanted to make my own app to aid my shooting. 'Shooting Companion' as it will eventually be called currently exists as an application to plot my shots on target, but more needs to be done to make this useful to the general public... Unfortunately being a CTO of a startup and a new dad my time has been rather limited. Eventually my overall goal for the application is to have target plotting, as well as interior and exterior ballistics all tightly coupled within one application allowing a shooter to develop a load from the ground up and log their personal development as a shooter.

Me on the firing point