Measuring sight height

Measuring sight height

One major rule with External ballistics is that if you input rubbish values - you’re going to get rubbish values back out again

An important but often overlooked value where this is true is ‘sight height’

So here’s a quick guide on how to measure it:

  1. Locate calipers
  2. Measure diameter of scope - then halve it to get the radius Scope So here my scope diameter is 65.14mm and so halved is 32.57mm

  3. Measure diameter of barrel (be sure to measure barrel width in line with where you measure scope width as barrels are often tapered) - halve this to get the radius Scope My barrel diameter is 27.7mm and so the radius is 13.85mm

  4. Measure the distance between the barrel and the scope Scope The distance between the two for me is 2.43mm

  5. Finally add the gap distance to the scope radius and the barrel radius - Which gives you the distance between the centre of the barrel to the centre of the scope. So for me 32.57 + 13.85 + 2.43 = 48.85mm which is 1.92in

  6. Write that number down - it’ll be handy in future!

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